Check Out R2

Our most recognizable bot! We bring R2 out of Hollywood and into our lab to explore the more complex functions of robotics.

Check Out MiniBot

The smallest of bots, designed to let students experience creating model components and becoming familiar with modular assembly and prototyping.

Check Out Modbot

ModBot V2.1 is a modular robotics platform that is capable of autonomous and manual user controlled operation, supporting a wide range of modular attachments.

Check Out Project Palooza

In preparation of our new lab space, we are proposing and designing new interactive robotics projects for visitors to play with.


The R2D2 project's objective is to design and build a semi- autonomous lab assistant with the ability to, simultaneously, map out and interact with its environment. The initial R2D2 prototype was manufactured by Cornell Cup Robotics back in 2014. This year the team is working on creating a newer version with even more capabilities. Some feature of the new R2D2 include: object recognition, autonomously navigating a room, and being able to use inverse kinematics to manipulate its robotic arm.


The MiniBot project aims to create a cost effective and intuitive learning platform for undergraduate and high school students to learn about robotics. Our robot will be modular and easy to assemble so students can create anything from line followers and sumo bots to race cars with the system. The base will be compatible with both Vex and Lego pieces and will include custom electronics and modular assembly pieces. Additionally, there will be a simple coding platform where student can quickly upload commands and code to the robot. Students will be able to do everything for the robotic design including electronics, assembly, and the coding commands.


ModBot V2.1 is a revision to the second complete redesign platform of this legacy project. Initial work for the original ModBot began during the 2011-2012 school year, which culminated in a system that was able to power a robotic Rock Band. The initial ModBot was integrated quickly and without careful allocation of components, though it was able to complete its task. ModBot V2.1 placed an emphasis on good engineering design by considering modularity, usability, manufacturability, ease of assembly, and maintainability.

Project Palooza

Visitors to our lab space should be able to engage with the work we do. Interactive robotics projects are run like an internal competition. Designs and proposals are written in small groups, following Systems Engineering workflows. Highly voted proposals continue to the prototyping phase while groups consolidate into larger teams. Successful prototypes become full interactive projects we can demonstrate in our own lab space.